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Aircon Chemical Wash

Our High-Quality, Anti-Bacterial, Non-Acidic, Industrial-Grade Air Conditioner Chemical Wash Solution Paired with a High-Pressured Spray System will Effectively Break Down & Remove All Sludge, Dust and Mold Present in your System.

What You’ll Be Getting:

  • Chemical Cleaning of the Filters
  • Chemical Cleaning of the Blower Wheel & Fan Blade
  • Chemical Cleaning of the Evaporator Coils
  • Clearing & Cleaning of Blockages in the Water Tray and Drainage Pipe
  • Maintaining & Ensuring the Blower Fan Motor is in Optimal Condition
  • Inspection of the System for any Flaws such as Loose Wires
  • Experience Our Outstanding After-Sales 60 days warranty
Our Prices: 1 Unit- $60

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