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Air Conditioner Services

General Service

Maintaining your air conditioning and having it service on an everyday basis ensures optimum performance and dependability. A well maintained air conditioning runs a lot of expeditiously, prolongs the lifetime of the unit and saves your valuable time and cash.

Anti-Bacterial Steam Clean

Antibacterial steam is style of service that exploitation high hot steam spray jet machine to melt accumulated germs,dust and molds that stuck within the aircon and wiped away simply. This methodology we tend to recommendation to wash five to six months once depend upon usage.

Chemical Wash

preventing it from running properly. Bacteria and mould can grow inside the unit, making it both unhygienic and ineffective. Regular aircon servicing and chemical washing can help prevent these issues and maintain a healthy aircon system.

Chemical Overhaul

Chemical overhaul is to dismantlement the complete unit aircon bring right down to rest room clean thorough with chemical. this is often counseled once your aircon unit consistent water unseaworthy, air flow not swish, foul smell or not service over a pair of years and higher than.

A/C Repair

Our Expert Diagnosis & Repair will have Your Air Conditioner Up & Running in No Time No Idea What’s Gone Wrong With Your Air Conditioner? We’ll have it Fixed in No Time, Call Us Today! Prices are Subject to Services Provided

A/C Gas Inspection & Top-Up

Keep the Cool Air Flowing from Your Air Conditioner Gas Leakages Occur in Almost All Air Conditioning Systems Every Once in a While. Damaged Tubing, Low-Quality Pipes and Erosion due to Chemical Residue Build-Up are the Most Common Causes

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