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For countries who have a tropical climate, an aircon service company system is a must. The Asian continent has has the higher demand for these cooling systems over other continents even higher than the next closest region North America.

Many Asian countries like Singapore have a high demand for Room Air Cons. The all-day heat makes it necessary to have a running air con system to provide cooling and comfort when doing activities inside.

Residential homes have an air con running in every room to provide a good night’s sleep. It would get uncomfortable inside a concrete structure if your aircon is not cooling efficiently. The following are the main reasons why your air cons is not releasing cold air.

1.Air Filter Clogging

All AC units have an aircon filter which you can see from outside. It catches the particles that comes with the air coming out of the unit. This part easily gets clogged because it acts like a trap for dust, pollen, and other particles in the airs.

An air filter can disrupt the flow of air out of the air con if it gets clogged. Most air filters, however, can be removed manually.

You can clean it yourself by running water through the screen and swab it. Just make sure it’s dry before you place it back into the unit aircon general service.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

Dirt inside the coils makes it harder for it to cools the air passing through it.

The extreme build-up of debris will eventually stop the Aircon from reaching the desired temperature inside the room it’s cooling.

Always keep your condenser coils clean by aircon servicing expert to avoid overheating and damaging your air con system.

3. Busted Compressor

The large motor you hear inside your aircon is most probably the compressor unit which is the part responsible for compressing air to deliver cool air to the room. An Aircon struggling to cool room might have a busted compressor.

When the motor is broken, the refrigerants and coolant could not circulate inside the machines which keeps it from passed through the condenser coils and evaporating unit. Basically, a broken compressor means a broke cooling cycle.

Most aircon repair company job could requires the full replace of the compressor unit make it best to avoid allowing your compressor to break down.

4. Defective Thermostat

Your aircon thermostat is the sensor responsible for regulating the room temperature inside the room it’s cooling. It’s signals the start or stop of the cool process until the desired temperature is reach. If it’s broken the aircon won’t know if the cooling process if effective ac service singapore.

5. Small Air conditioner

There are times when having a smaller air con unit is the actual problem, not a defective part. Many home owner encounter this problem because they just purchase a unit for their home without thinking about its power and size to cool the room.

Room size will play a role in how efficiently an air con will cool the room. Outside heat will want the room from cooling your room effectively if your unit is undersized.

A professional aircon servicing technician will be able to determine the right air con size for your room upon inspection. He/she will also be able to do repairs on defective aircon  parts that are causing your aircon not to cool your room/s effectively in best aircon service.