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Air conditioners or aircon service company are very important in the home or office. These devices enable a person regulate the room temperature at the touch of a button. The air con lowers the temperature especially when it is hot. Many people especially those living in tropical regions will find it hard to live without air conditioners. Just like most other accessories, aircon require regular servicing and repair to function properly. Services that will apply to an AC during its life comprise of air con chemical cleaning, and aircon chemical overhaul. There is usually confusion between these two services. The following information will help in differentiating the air conditioner service.

Aircon Chemical wash

Air conditioners require to be regularly serviced. The general service will usually take place at least once a month for commercial units, and once every three months for domestic aircon. General Service will basically clean the front panel, and remove the filter which usually gets clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. However, dust and dirt will accumulate inside the device overtime. aircon general service cannot get rid of the dirt and other unwanted debris. It therefore becomes necessary to use a much through and intense cleanup. This is what is referred to as air cons chemical cleaning or service is increase aircon cooling.

Air con chemical service will comprise of general service plus extra cleaning. The aircon will be disassembled and each part of the air conditioner thoroughly cleaned. This will include using water and other special washing compounds. The cleanup will get rid of stubborn stains, grease, and  gather dust. The evaporator is also removed and the chemical detach inside the unit. Unlike general service, aircon chemical wash takes place after the air con has gone through a series of regular services, or the performance of the unit has started to deteriorate aircon repair company.

 Aircon Chemical overhaul

AC chemical overhaul is usually carried out as a corrective and preventive service. air con overhaul will be applied after a user has complained or noticed poor or erratic performance. This service will be provided after aircon chemical overhaul, or when chemical cleaning will not be effective. The service will entail disassembling the whole air-conditioning unit and flushing through each and every part. The air filters are removed and thoroughly cleaned with chemicals to ascertain that air is actually flowing through the filter ac service singapore.

The fan bearings are also wash and lubricated to provide smooth operation. Refrigerator gas is also topped up during chemical overhaul. Any faulty or defective part is replaced with a new part. air con overhaul will also entail physically examining every part and also testing the device to make sure there are no leakages in the system. Chemical overhaul is usually carried out on units that have not been wash for a number of years. It is aimed at restoring an aircon service back to its original state trusted aircon service.