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The indoor air con unit has air filters that need regular cleaning. The more clogged the filter, the harder the AC has to work to push air through it. That can mean higher running costs.

It’s usually an easy matter of popping open the plastic cover and removing the filter (there may be more than one).

Manufacturers generally recommend that you clean the filters every few weeks, but it really depends how often you use the air con. Simply put, the more you use it, the more often you could clean the filters. At the significance, aim to clean them a couple of times a year. For example, if you mainly use the unit in summer, clean the filters in spring so it’s ready for the peak season, and again when the hot season is over.

There are usually two main filters in the indoor unit. There might also be an air purification filter (such as a HEPA or carbon filter) that can be removed and cleaned; this type of filter will eventually wants to be replaced, perhaps every year or two.

•           Take the filters outside for a decent brush or shake. Filters can usually also be vacuumed for a thorough clean; use the vacuum cleaners dusting brush head if you have one. (Decision tests and audits a scope of vacuum cleaners including barrel and upstanding, robot and stick vacuums.)

•           If the filters are very dirty and grimy, you can wash them in heat water with some mild detergent and rinse them clean. Make sure they are totally dry before putting them back in the unit.